Guess Who — Part 1 : Full

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Guess Who! :


“Have you ever seen a close homie
Taken away on a gurney
You’re not alone in a journey

Time heals all wounds, that’s what my nigga Joe told me
But yet I still feel so lonely”

- ???)

— Roc Marciano ✓
— Lil Boosie
— KA
— Westside Gunn
— Fred Godson

Correct answer: *Roc Marciano — Thug’s Prayer (2010, “Marcberg”)*

My personal Note — to You :

One of the coldest tracks I’ve ever Heard.
(A, B, C — shout-out, Atmosphere — check out the new Album, f(-r-)iends!).

On the Way I’ve been able to See “Marcberg” —
With-in my current Life-Time :

(Has Rap been my Life-Line? Yes, it has
Still, gotta rely on your Self mostly — Been Coastin’ _)


“Spent days faded ’n’ anemic
You can see it in my Face
I ain’t been eatin’, I’m just wastin’ away”

© says Who??

— Wiki
— Earl Sweatshirt ✓
— my boy Blu(-e)
— Slauson Malone

Correct Answer : *Earl Sweatshirt — Solace (2015, Single)*

Personal Note :

A single — which, therefore gave (real) birth to a whole new Genre of Hip Hop, I’d say!

Recipe for doing as Well as Thebe did :
— find Yourself
— сублимировать
— find Real Friends (both OG-s over here!)
— stay YourSelf
— be Your Self



“Thirty-Something Black Male —
OD’d off them pills
That he weren’t prescribed, but they took his life”

- hm-hm, who’s that?)

— Eyedea (& Abilities!)
— Raekwon
— Eminem
— Danny Brown ✓
— Marshall Mathers!

Correct Answer : *Danny Brown — 30 (2011, “XXX”)*

Personal Note (of Gr8 importance!) :

Sense of the knowledge of impending Doom is strong with this One.
Hits like a motherfucka — for all the 3 min(-utes) straight.
1 of my favo(-u-)rite tracks — both from the Artist ’N’ Overall, also — surely)

You can also find my vision of “XXX” in its Totality here :
(“K.R.I.T. Ain’t Here — Over There!” Cheer(-s)!)

Waitin’ 4 “XXXX” — Y’all!


“This feels like it’s more than a flash in the pan
This is milk in the cup and cash in ya hand

This is a warm coat on the coldest night
That’s why I stole this mic, y’all don’t hold this right (nope)”

— Common Sense
— Master Ace ✓
— C.L. Smooth (& Pete Rock, surely!)
— Phonte (Little Brother, Foreign Exchange + Solo)
— Rapper Big Pooh (Little Brother + Solo)

Correct Answer : *Masta Ace — Beautiful (2004, “Long Hot Summer”)*

Personal Note :

Full-on respect 2 Master Ace!
Mad vivid imagery on this One —
Up there with the all the Greats, for Sure

Talkin’ AZ & Roc Marciano, mostly —
Without takin’ the whole Gangsta context into account Right Now (shout-out, Apathy from AOTP!)



“Time smiled — and I glanced at it
I saw an old man dance frantic
Ain’t no half-steppin’, comin’ out hard of the band blastin’”

— Lupe Fiasco
— Mickey Factz
— My Boy Blu(-e) ✓
— Big Daddy Kane
— Eightball (& MJG)

Correct Answer : *Blu — Spring, Winter, Summer, Fall (2013, “NoYork!”)*

Personal Note :

One of my favo(-u-)rite tracks from a Lo-Fi Experimental
Mental Electric Circus of Blu’s life & imaginative capability —
A certified predecessor to all the Lo-Fi Hip Hop Movement mentioned above

Turned out to be too niche & ahead of its time, thou(-gh) —
Most likely, even for Blu himself he-he

Still, a Genius in his Own Lane —
Deeper perspective from all angles — Open to Me :
In Here :

Say Goodnight)

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